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Over the years, there has been increased use of technology in the classroom. The advances of technology into the classroom is great, but sometimes, all the different tools can become overwhelming.

To help, the ROE has created a bi-weekly series called #TuesdayTechTip to cover pertinent topics such as Zoom, wifi, social media, security and more.  These videos are designed to help navigate through the technology world and everyday tech issues in a user-friendly way.

Reporting a Post

What qualifies as an offensive post, and when is it appropriate to report an offensive post? Here at the ROE we like to use the “Grandma Test” This means if the text or an image isn’t something you would share with your Grandmother then you shouldn’t be sharing the information with the public. 


Christmas Tech Fun

Learn about some low cost or free holiday apps and websites the whole family can use for celebrating the holidays.

Holiday Tech Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year where everyone is doing their holiday shopping and looking for new and interesting gifts to give. With the help of Illinois Education Technology Leaders (IETL) holiday recommendation list the ROE shares some tech gift ideas.


Do you know what a DDoS attack is? More importantly, what to do if a DDoS attack happens? Find out now.



Microsoft Security 

Ever wonder about Parental Controls that parents can use to view their child’s phone? Many of the products work on all devices, whether a phone, iPad, tablet, or desktop. But it is essential to check. Find out more with this week’s #TuesdayTechTip.


Qustodio Bark

Net NannyLife360