Tuesday Tech Tip header

Over the years, there has been increased use of technology in the classroom. The advances of technology into the classroom is great, but sometimes, all the different tools can become overwhelming.

To help, the ROE has created a bi-weekly series called #TuesdayTechTip to cover pertinent topics such as Zoom, wifi, social media, security and more.  These videos are designed to help navigate through the technology world and everyday tech issues in a user-friendly way.

AirTags – 

With the summer travel season here, it’s the perfect time to discover all the uses for AirTags. These small devices, created by Apple, have changed the way we track and locate our belongings, making them another safety tool for travelers.

Text Group Tips & Tricks – 

Texting has become an essential part of our lives. This #TuesdayTechTip will focus on some tips & tricks on muting your text groups, creating a text group on your phone, and making the most out of your text groups.

Purchasing and Flying Drones –
What You Need to Know

🚀 All new on #TuesdayTechTip, the Kane ROE reviews the rules and regulations you must follow to fly a drone in Illinois; we also touch upon what you should look for when purchasing a drone.

Grandparent Emergency Scam

⚠️ With spring break season just around the corner, the ROE wants to take a moment to raise awareness about a scam that targets grandparents. The grandparent emergency scam preys on the grandparents’ love & concern for their grandchildren.

AI Artwork Generators

AI artwork generators are a new way for anyone to create digital art. It works by using AI algorithms to analyze the work of artists & create new work based on what it has learned.

AI Chat bots and ChatGPT

As AI becomes more prevalent…aspects of education will be affected – Watch #TuesdayTechTip as the Kane ROE reviews the hot topic that schools and IT professionals are talking about with AI Chat bots and ChatGPT.

Valentine Apps

❤️ Valentine’s vibes are in the air! As we all get ready for fun and friendship this Valentine’s season, the ROE staff share some of their favorite apps on this week’s #TuesdayTechTip to make it a perfect Valentine’s day – WATCH IT NOW!