Bite-sized professional learning videos filled with engaging instructional strategies that can be implemented in any classroom.

For all the Branching Out videos, visit Kane County ROE Branching Out YouTube Page

Affinity Mapping –

Affinity mapping is a great way to get students talking and engaging with the content through inquiry!

Tape Diagram – 

Tape Diagram is a visual strategy to help students organize and solve word problems.

Truth or Dare – 

Looking for a fun way to have your students practice concepts or review for a test? The gamification activity Truth or Dare is a fun way to engage students and help them retain information.

Gleam and Glow – 

Are you looking for a strategy to help students make connections and to actively engage with texts? Gleam and Glow is a great way to foster understanding, connection, and a love of reading.

Retrieval Strategies –

Retrieval strategies are activities designed to recover the stored information students have previously learned. “2 Things” is a retrieval strategy from the book, “Powerful Teaching: Unleash the Science of Learning” by Pooja K. Agarwal & Patrice Bain. This strategy only takes a few moments to implement but will lead to higher retention of information and learning for your students. #BranchingOut #AllNew #education #k12