Bite-sized professional learning videos filled with engaging instructional strategies that can be implemented in any classroom.

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PQRST is a reading strategy that can help students to improve their level of engagement and reading comprehension.

Stir the Classroom – 

Stir the Classroom is a strategy that helps students to learn collaboration and critical thinking skills. 

SPOT Analysis –

SPOT Analysis is a strategy that helps students to make decisions and critically analyze information when doing a research paper or project. 

The 7-11 Collaboration Strategy-

The 7-11 Collaboration Strategy helps students to organize their thinking and synthesize their learning. Watch it now @ #BranchingOut #WatchNow

Agree, Build, Challenge is a collaboration strategy that helps students to work in effective teams.


PEEL is a strategy to help your students with organization and writing! PEEL stands for Point, Evidence, Explain and Link. Put simply, it’s a method of writing where students can construct their writing assignments in an easy, structured and comprehensive way which allows them to link opinions and facts with evidence.