Bite-sized professional learning videos filled with engaging instructional strategies that can be implemented in any classroom.

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Rally Robin –

Kagan strategies are a great way to promote cooperative learning and to increase student engagement. One of my favorite Kagan strategies to implement is called Rally Robin. Check out how easy it is to implement in your classroom!

The Murky Point – 

The Murky Point is a strategy that helps students to become more reflective and articulate what they don’t understand.

Sound Off, Sound On – 

Do you enjoy having students engage with the content and sparking their interest through the use of videos? The teaching strategy, Sound Off, Sound On is a great way to take your video engagement to the next level. 

Which One Doesn’t Belong? – 

Which One Doesn’t Belong is a strategy that helps students to develop rich mathematical conversations using a low floor and high ceiling to access all learners.

The Dice Game – 

  • Pair Up
  • Provide a number list with varying topics
  • 1 student rolls the dice
  • Match the number on the side of the dice to the number on the list and solve that problem