The Kane County Truancy/Dropout Prevention/Intervention Program provides services for a multi-cultural, diverse community. The Program is a coordinated effort between all of the local school districts in the county, local governmental agencies, community agencies, social service agencies, and the Regional Office of Education.

Our program receives referrals from our local schools. Each individual case receives a variety of program option services that include, but are not limited to: youth outreach services (school visits, home visits, educational monitoring, advocacy, individual therapy, family therapy, community agency referrals, parenting education, etc.), case management, court liaison, prevention education and dropout intervention services.

All grade levels are served with intensive intervention/prevention services targeted for chronic truants. These include the development of an individual service plan, diagnostic profile needs, case management, goal setting, connection to the community services, advocacy, supportive parental involvement including home visits, family and group counseling and reinforcing positive attendance per student, per family, and per school.

To process this truancy referral, all information must be filled out entirely. This includes a digital copy of the student’s attendance sheet that will be required as one of the last steps to complete. If you have any questions, please contact Josh Axelsen at or at (630) 444-2967.