Upcoming Workshops

AA#2001 – Illinois Performance Evaluation – Teacher Evaluation Training
Administrator Academy
Adaptive Schools Seminar
4 Session Training
Blended Learning Roundtable
Free Event
AA#1865 – Principal Evaluator Competency Skill Building for Pre-Qualified Principal Evaluators
Administrator Academy
AA#1815 – Meeting Tips, Tools and Techniques to Achieve Results
Administrator Academy / Illinois Online Academy
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The Progress Report

Evaluation Epidemic

The ROE’s training room has been booked 8 of the past 10 business days with workshops and Administrator Academies.  Yes, it is a busy time of year with teacher license …

Stop the Madness

As an educator, I am constantly in shock of how many meetings we are“required” to attend.  Faculty meetings, data team meetings, PLCs, curriculum/team meetings, PTO meetings, parent/teacher conferences,  committee meetings, …

Ah…The End of May

Early in my career I couldn’t wait for May, not because I had survived another year and was one step closer to my tenure, although that was definitely an added …

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