Fingerprinting is performed by appointment on a live scan system. Please review these requirements before scheduling your appointment below.

  • Please remember to bring a State or Federal photo ID. University or school IDs are not acceptable forms of identification.
  • A Kane County ROE fingerprinting authorization form is required at the time of service.
  • Substitute teachers, student teachers and concealed carry permit applicants will obtain forms at the ROE main office.
  • Background check results are typically processed in one week, but in rare cases can take as long as eight weeks.
  • If your school district HR department has supplied a fingerprinting authorization form, please complete it and bring it to your appointment. If you are applying to be a substitute or student teacher, you will pay a fee of $40 and receive the form at the ROE.
  • Non-education fingerprinting (concealed carry permits, professional licensing, etc) costs $65 and is payable with cash or a credit card. Payment and paperwork will be completed in the ROE fingerprinting office.
  • If you are being fingerprinted for non-education purposes, please contact our office at 630-232-5955 to ensure we can accommodate you. We are unable to fingerprint for some types of licenses and permits.

Pay attention to the date you are selecting. The calendar will automatically move to the next available day if today’s appointments are currently booked.