Fingerprinting is performed by appointment on a live scan system, schedule your appointment below.

Please read the following before you choose a machine..

  • If you encounter an issue while scheduling an appointment on Internet Explorer, please use Google Chrome or Firefox.
  • Based on your desired date and time of appointment, please check the availability of both machines.
  • Appointments last 15 minutes.
  • Please remember to bring a State or Federal photo ID.  University or school IDs are not acceptable forms of identification.
  • A Kane County ROE fingerprinting authorization form is required at the time of service.
  • Substitute teachers, student teachers and concealed carry permit applicants will obtain forms at the ROE reception office.
  • Background check results are typically processed in one week, but in rare cases can take as long as eight weeks.
  • If your school district HR department has supplied a fingerprinting authorization form, please complete it and bring it to your appointment.  If you are applying to be a Substitute or Student Teacher, you will pay a fee of $40 and receive the form at the ROE.
  • Non-education fingerprinting (concealed carry permits, professional licensing, etc) costs $65 and is payable with cash or a credit card.  Payment and paperwork will be completed in the ROE fingerprinting office.
  • If you are being fingerprinted for non-education purposes, please contact our office at 630-232-5955 to ensure we can accommodate you. We are unable to fingerprint for some types of licenses and permits.

Click here to contact the fingerprinting office!