Are you an educator of Color who wants to help your peers by creating safe, supportive, and transformative spaces? Become an Illinois Affinity Group Facilitator!

Facilitators seek to cultivate authentic, inclusive, intersectional spaces, shaped by and for educators of Color. These affirming and supportive spaces, rooted in an asset-based understanding of diversity, will support educators in navigating and improving their school environments and be connected to a larger network to build alliances and address systemic issues.

Facilitators will receive training to design and facilitate an affinity group in their area and to address systemic issues through a local Advocacy Action Team which will identify barriers to retention of educators of Color and propose solutions. They will also participate in monthly cohort sessions with other facilitators, and work with a leadership coach for support in leading their groups. Facilitators receive a $2,500 stipend for their commitment

To learn more and apply, visit the links below.