Heidy LaFleur
Trauma & Social Emotional Learning Specialist
Founder, Heidy With a Why, Inc

Heidy LaFleur is a vibrant, positive and common sense leader with an explosive passion for helping people understand trauma & the critical importance of social emotional learning. She is an author, a forever teacher, former school administrator and most importantly, a mother who lives the trauma and mental health cycle with her family.  She wakes up every morning to spread the message that our job is to make EVERY day the BEST day for EVERY child.  

With her personal experience being the foundation of her work with kids who struggle, she has worked with thousands of students in need of an understanding, positive and compassionate adult in their lives. Her true purpose in life is to help others learn strategies that impact the lives of children of all ages & behaviors. She is the founder of Heidy with a WHY, Inc. where she provides keynote speaking, professional development, consulting & coaching opportunities across the country.