Take control of your professional learning and have some fun, with P.L.A.Y., the new catalog from the Illinois Online Academy that lets you choose the content that matters to you, while feeling like you’re in an online game.
For children, playing is the backbone of learning, but as adults, it can be hard to find time. We believe that professional learning CAN be engaging and fun. So when you need to expand your toolkit, why not do it on a digital playground that lets you pick what you want to learn and when?

Subject matter is divided into short activities, and some take as little as five minutes! Every 15 minutes you spend completing activities earns you .25 PD hours. These hours count toward licensure renewal and are awarded at the end of each month. 


Whether you’re passionate about social emotional learning, technology, curriculum,  ELL, Google Workspace, PBIS, or finding new classroom tools, you can choose activities that  directly align with your goals.


P.L.A.Y’s dashboard allows you to independently track your progress, and its reward system encourages users by awarding badges, unlocking achievements, and empowers your learning by giving you the option to compete with colleagues.

Access every offering with a 

12-month commitment 

valued at just