Mona Iehl

A decade ago, Mona was an elementary teacher deeply passionate about developing engaging curriculum—except when it came to math. Feeling lost, she blindly followed the curriculum lessons, convinced she wasn’t a “math person” or a “math teacher”. Seeing her students develop a negative view of math, Mona recognized the urgent need for a change in her approach.

Drawing on decades of research, Mona transformed her teaching approach over the past decade with the development of the Empowered Math Method. With 15 years of experience in Chicago Public Schools, Mona now helps educators nationwide. Through presentations focusing on student-centered learning, she guides teachers in creating engaging and equitable math classrooms.

Mona excels in designing classrooms where students joyfully engage with math, drawing from her relatable journey as a former “math avoider.” Join Mona to transform your approach to math education, leaving behind the “I’m not a math person” mindset. You can learn with Mona every Monday on her podcast, Honest Math Chat.