The 2022 Kane County Regional Office of Education (ROE) Student Photography Contest is a 9-week photography contest for high school students throughout Kane County. Week four theme was Sports Photography.

The contest is a collaborative effort between the Kane County ROE and Kane Excellence in Education Partnership (KEEP), to recognize and celebrate the talent within the art departments in Kane County high schools. 

Each week submitted photos are reviewed by the Photography Review Committee at the ROE. 10 photos are selected and published on the ROE’s website, and on the ROE’s Facebook page.

Congratulations to the Week 4 Kane ROE Photo Contest winners.

  • Titus Lands – Jacobs High School – Week 4 Category Winner
  • Diego Sida – West Aurora High School
  • Emaad Dar Jr. – Bartlett High School
  • Ionicca Rivera – West Aurora High School
  • Lorelai McDermott – South Elgin High School
  • Matthew Kimani – East Aurora
  • Nick Rhein – Bartlett High School
  • Peter Stahl – Marmion Academy
  • Raymond Burrage – Hampshire High School
  • Soraya Walikonis – Central High School