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Over the years, there has been increased use of technology in the classroom. The advances of technology into the classroom is great, but sometimes, all the different tools can become overwhelming.

To help, the ROE has created a bi-weekly series called #TuesdayTechTip to cover pertinent topics such as Zoom, wifi, social media, security and more. These videos are designed to help navigate through the most tech-inundated time seen, and each video will have links to articles related to the theme of the tip.

Sending & Receiving Money Online

Today there are several online services available for sending or receiving funds from friends and family. Learn some safety tips when exchanging money online.




Selling & Buying Online

Today’s #TuesdayTechTip shares some tips when buying or selling online to prevent being scammed.

How Facebook Market Place Works

Facebook Market Place

BBB Tip: Decluttering? Tips for selling your used items online


New for this #TuesdayTechTip – learn what is ransomware and how do one get attacked?




This week’s #TuesdayTechTip is to remember some of the technology that we all loved, but now has reached its End of Life.

Vintage and Obsolete Apple Products – MacRumors

Mobile Phone History – Nokia

Elgin Recycling – eWaste

👣 Digital Footprint – Are you keeping tabs on your digital footprint, the record of all your interactions online? Learn more from this week’s #TuesdayTechTip.

Common Sense Media – Digital Footprint

Online Reputation – Childnet

Social Media Checklists

Keeping Up with Tech – Are your kids staying tech safe as summer break is approaching? Learn how to keep up to date on your kid’s tech with #TuesdayTechTip.

Illinois Digital Educators

Connect Safely

Common Sense Media

Internet of Things

🌏 What is the Internet of Things, otherwise known as IOT? Find out on this week’s #TuesdayTechTip.

Alexa Smart Home

Google Smart Home

Apple Smart Home

Color Technology

🎨 Learn how Color Technology effects the the colors you perceive on your digital devices, print media, and paint with this week’s #TuesdayTechTip. You’ll learn the difference of PMS, CMYK, RGB and Hex colors and how each one is used. 




HEX Colors

Updating Passwords

🖥️ This week on #TuesdayTechTip by Phil Morris learn about tech safety and why you should change your password on a regular basis.



Google Authenticator


Digital Spring Cleaning

🧹🌸 🖥️ It’s time of year for your Digital Spring Cleaning. Digital spring-cleaning includes backing up your information, deleting unused apps, and reviewing all your passwords.

Updating Passwords

Deleting Unused Apps

Digital Spring Cleaning (Wired Magazine)

Google Tips & Tricks

🖥️ This week on #TuesdayTechTip by Phil Morris learn Google tips & tricks for narrowing your search or expanding your search. 

Google Advance Search

Google Using “Quotes”

Terms You Want to Exclude