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Dean of Students

School Name
Position Description

School: Marmion Academy
City: Aurora, IL

Dean of Students

Marmion Academy has an opening for a full-time Dean of Students for the 2021-2022 School year. Responsible for assisting the Director of Student Affairs with discipline, attendance, and school safety.

Shares with the Director of Student Affairs the responsibility for school safety:

Assists students in establishing high standards of conduct
Properly addresses the improvement of student attendance and discipline
Schedules administrative coverage at home football games and home basketball games
Moderates homecoming bonfire, homecoming dance, decorating party, military ball, Mr. Marmion
Assists in developing and administering practices dealing with campus safety and security
Assists in scheduling and conducting fire, tornado, armed intruder, K9 search drills and completes all of the required paperwork
Assists in scheduling Aurora Police officer coverage at Marmion
Coordinates with Rotolo Middle School for off site evacuation
Moderates, takes attendance, and communicates with students at lunch periods
Moderates passing periods
Moderates assemblies and all school masses
Moderates open houses, 8th grade registration, acceptance party, school year registration, new student orientation, back to school night, saturday detentions, military night
Sends out parking registration, assigns parking spots, monitors parking lot, and assigns parking lot discipline
Creates and presents back to school night presentations
Creates and distributes student and teacher identification cards
Take each student, faculty, and staff member’s ID picture
Coordinates with the Assistant to the Director of Student Affairs on the purchase of identification card supplies

Investigates and resolves all discipline problems in a fair and just manner

Investigates student complaints and grievances
Interviews students and witnesses in disciplinary investigations
Investigate, adjudicate, and monitor infractions of the school code in the form of demerits, fines, detentions, academic recoveries, Saturday detentions, and Marmion community service
Suspends students from school in accordance with Marmion Student Handbook and state law
Maintains disciplinary records required by policy, regulation, law or good practice
Presents the school’s case in due process proceedings for suspension and expulsion
Meets with parents regarding student discipline
Writes, distributes, and enforces disciplinary contracts
Reviews the student handbook yearly and makes necessary changes with the approval of the Head of School
Moderates morning detention
Assigns moderation of academic recoverie to faculty
Moderates Saturday detentions or assigns moderation to faculty members
Creates and updates student disciplinary records
Creates and updates disciplinary and attendance forms

Oversees all matters of student attendance

Communicates with parents, teachers and the Student Support Committee on student attendance
Investigates attendance issues
Assigns students appropriate consequences for truancy and tardiness
Determines if absences are excusable under student handbook policy
Meets with parents regarding student discipline
Creates and updates student attendance records
Creates and updates attendance forms

Provides and maintains appropriate communication with family and community

Works cooperatively with local police agencies and the School Resource Office on security matters
Sends weekly announcements to the school community regarding the daily schedule and dress code
Sends suspension emails to parents and teachers
Sends board of discipline emails and invitations
Sends daily disciplinary infraction emails
Sends weekly outstanding detention, academic recovery, Saturday detention, community service, and fines emails

Represents the Student Affairs Office in Committees

Serves as a member of the Board of Discipline
Serves as a member of the Principal’s Advisory Board
Serves as a member of the Faculty Review Board

Salary is regionally competitive.
Position includes competitive benefits package.

Qualifications/Skills: Current Illinois PEL with Administrative endorsement (previously a Type 75 certification) and previous experience preferred but not required.

Qualified candidates are invited to submit an application online.

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