If culture is the air we breathe, what happens when you and your students bring 20+ different kinds of oxygen into the room? Truly understanding and embracing another culture is challenging in itself—but how do you apply that understanding to your teaching and help your students be more inclusive as well?

In this course, you’ll gain concrete strategies for becoming a more culturally responsive teacher and creating an environment of inclusivity where everyone feels valued and welcome. You’ll start by understanding your own culture so you can better recognize others’ perspectives and address bias in its many forms (implicit, explicit, unconscious, and conscious). In addition, you’ll learn how to promote self-reflection and social–emotional awareness in yourself and your students, and how to help your students become more compassionate, sensitive classmates and human beings.
After participating in this course, you’ll be able to approach instruction with an awareness of your own biases and will be more adept at fostering inclusion and better meeting the needs of your learners.

Date & Time: 6 months to complete at your own pace

Location: Asynchronous Online

Cost: $99 (PD) $204 (Grad Credit) Register here: https://kaneroe.gosignmeup.com/public/Course/browse?courseid=2953