This course is designed to lead you through different modules that focus on questioning techniques.  Much of what you do will be reading and learning about different questioning techniques and then trying them in your classroom. This course is unique in that the strategies you will explore can IMMEDIATELY be used in your classroom.  You will take a deep dive into the Question Formation Technique, Inquiry-Based Learning, & Depth of Knowledge questions.  In the final module, you will explore a variety of different ways to question students, spark meaningful conversations, and motivate your learners!!

This course was developed by Central School District 301 Instructional Coaching Staff. It was created by educators for educators. Katie Algrim, the Director of Innovative Professional Learning will be your instructor for the course.  This course provides participants a total system for organizing their surroundings and effectively managing their time and focuses on 5 key areas. Participants will be able to 1)use a tickler file; 2)choose a “signature tool” appropriate for their needs; 3) identify tasks which repeat and put them into a system that will trigger action at the appropriate time; 4) organize incoming information, and 5)manage multiple projects through a process designed to trigger action at the appropriate time using technology tools. Refunds will be issued only to participants who call the ROE seven (7) business days before the start date of the program or if the program is canceled.

Date & Time: 60 Days to complete at your own pace

Location: Asynchronous Online

Cost: $40 Register here: