As educators, we are expected to communicate authentically and effectively with students, colleagues, and administrators in various settings. We are expected to listen, pay attention, show empathy, ask questions, and move the conversation forward. Sometimes, however, in the midst of a conversation, we don’t always communicate in the best way for various reasons, and one or both parties leave the conversation not feeling their best. As reflective educators, we all want to do better and communicate clearly. Thus, the purpose of this course is to provide tangible strategies for how to have better conversations with everyone in your life. Participants will understand how beliefs and habits impact our actions and ability to have an effective conversation, identify the ten habits and six beliefs of effective conversations, explain the importance of having effective conversations, apply the six beliefs and ten habits needed to have effective conversations, and implement specific strategies to improve their conversations.

Date & Time: 60 Days to complete at your own pace

Location: Asynchronous Online

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