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Pope Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy

Position Title & Grade Level
Position Description

Part-Time Physical Education Teacher K-8
Pope St. John Paul II Catholic Academy
706 High Street
Aurora, IL 60505


DESCRIPTION: Catholic School Teacher
The essential role of the Catholic school teacher is to witness the Gospel message and to lead students to reflect on a Christian approach to life while building the faith community. A teacher should provide students the opportunities to develop their gifts as peacemakers and stewards for the service of the world community. This role is accomplished through instructional techniques and Interactive processes that enable students to use their creative talents to become Catholic adults in the 21st century who are problem solvers and makers of just decisions.

1. Witness of Gospel values
2. Enthusiasm for teaching children
3. Mature judgment and professional decorum
4. Flexibility, sense of humor, and independent thinking
5. Tolerance, sensitivity, and understanding toward children and adults
6. Good physical and mental health
7. Professionalism In attire, communication, demeanor
8. Well developed verbal and written communication skills
The role description of the Catholic school teacher involves the following requirements and responsibilities:
1. Have a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree (Policy #4211 ).
2. Be appropriately certified or certifiable by the State of Illinois.
3. Maintain proper documentation and complete the recertification process in a timely manner.
4. Meet the requirements for religious instruction as established by the Rockford Diocese within three years of initial employment (Catechist Certification Handbook). Once certified, a teacher is expected to earn eighteen clock hours in religious certification workshops every three years.
5. Actively demonstrate Initiative, cooperation, accountability, and positive communication with administration and colleagues.
6. Handle confidential and/or official information with discretion.
7. Keep current on educational research by reading catechetical and curriculum journals and books.

1. Share and support the mission, philosophy, goals, and objectives of the school (copies provided by the principal).
2. Teach Catholic values, and stories of faith with commitment In daily curriculum.
3. Develop formal and informal prayer experiences. Cooperatively plan assigned liturgies/prayer services with the religion coordinator and other personnel.
4. Abide by the regulations in the Teacher's Handbook and the Diocesan Education Office Policies and Procedures.

If Interested please contact Sister Ann Brummel at