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High School Tech Integration Specialist

Position Title & Grade Level:
High School Tech Integration Specialist
Position Description:

School Name: St. Edward Central Catholic High School

City: Elgin

Position Description:
St. Edward Central Catholic High School seeks to hire a Technology Integration Specialist (TIS) who demonstrates a dynamic, hands-on interest in technology necessary to drive our school forward in all areas related to the integration and innovative use of technology within our school’s overall program. The TIS supports and inspires students, teachers, and staff in areas in which technology can impact and strengthen the learning experiences, and overall services and functionality of the school. This position requires the ability to share this passion with the overall school community to continue to develop educational technology within our school culture.

Areas of Responsibility Include:
• Demonstrate perspective as a teacher-leader with the comprehensive understanding of the vital role of technology in the learning process within all areas of the curriculum, communication, and in the overall lives of students, faculty, staff, and parents
• Collaborate with the administration, department chairs, and faculty to strengthen and develop new curriculum strategies and effectively integrate technology into all subject area
• Identify relevant resources to best support faculty and staff in establishing learning network and develop relationships with other technology leaders
• Bring new and current trends and effective practices to the school to enhance the use of technology
• Develop and maintain a list of applications and skills students should learn, including word processing, spreadsheets, presentation models, and collaboration tools
• Provide on-boarding to new students
• Provide instruction to students as needed in collaboration with classroom teachers; make recommendations for new programs and seek outside resources
• Provide opportunities for students to use technology to become problem solvers, critical thinkers, content creators, and producers of knowledge
• Collaborate with the Learning Resource Specialist and classroom teachers to ensure that students become safe, ethical and information literate users of technology as they acquire research skills and use online resources for information and communication
Faculty and Staff
• Collaborate with members of the IT department to meet the needs of teachers and other school staff
• Provide on-boarding to new faculty and staff
• Support teachers in the use of technology in the classroom to strengthen the learning experience
• Provide ongoing staff development related to technology and support teachers by identifying outside professional development opportunities
• Monitor technology skills of faculty and staff and provide support as needed
• Provide leadership to integrate technology into all school programs IT Management
• Database management; experience with Rediker a plus
• Monitor and support management, circulation, and care protocols for all school devices
• Prepare all devices for the start of each school year
• Develop protocols to address device failures during the year
• Secure outside support to manage Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office 365, OneNote Class Notebooks, and Teams; Microsoft certifications preferred
• Proven effective and collaborative working relationships with students, faculty, staff, and parents
• Creativity, flexibility, and a growth mindset, with interest in being part of a community of learners
• Strong organizational and time management skills
• Strong written and oral communication skills
• Knowledge of currently available hardware, software programs and resources to support all programs of the school
• Knowledge of best practices in digital literacy programs for students
• Necessary system updates and software installations as needed
• Maintenance, daily upkeep, and ongoing technical support of all devices for students, faculty and staff

Experience and Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree or certification(s) in educational technology
• Experience using and managing educational technology

Saint Edward Central Catholic High School is a college preparatory, faith-centered Catholic community. Our mission is to nurture the discipleship of Jesus Christ and to promote excellence in education.
To Apply: Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, resume, contact information (name, phone, email) for three professional references.
Applications will be reviewed as they are received.
All application materials should be submitted to

School Website:

School Recruiter Phone Number: 8477417535

School Website:
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