Digital Equity Formula Grant Press Release

September 23rd, 2020

Molly McQueeny
Kane County Regional Office of Education



$85,000 to benefit Kane County School Districts

Geneva, IL. (September 23rd, 2020) – The Kane County Regional Office of Education has secured funding as a grant facilitator from the Digital Equity Formula Grant. This is the first time this grant has been implemented and was brought on for the sudden need for remote learning technology and platforms. 

“COVID-19 placed schools in tough situations financially and learning-wise. The money from this grant will help ensure that our students still have access to quality education whether it is in a hybrid, remote, or in-person situation,” says Patricia Dal Santo, Regional Superintendent of Kane County Schools. “We are grateful to help close the gap between inequality in technology. Even after the pandemic, having extra technology in the districts can only help further enhance our students’ learning experiences.”

The grant will cover funds from schools starting back on March 13th, the day Illinois announced schools would be closing statewide. The grant can cover technology devices for either districts, schools, or families without devices at home, as well as stable internet access. The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) defines “digital equity” as the condition in which students have the technology capacity needed for full participation in educational opportunities.

In the official press release from ISBE, Governor JB Pritzker stated “Throughout this crisis, I have been so impressed to see all the creative ways superintendents and teachers adapted to the pandemic, a spirit of ingenuity that stretched up into our higher education institutions, too,” Pritzker continued. “This pandemic has heightened every inequality and injustice in our nation and our educators are on the front lines of seeing our young people through this moment.”

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